Saturday, June 18, 2016


  Up The Fun With Upcycled Planters

Ahh Shucks, Lil is soiled!
 This rusty old bike is the perfect kick- stand for a big basket of perennials.
We knew Tama made the best drums but now an up-BEAT planter too!

An old chair gives architectural interest by lifting a group of annuals, herbs, or tomatoes. Here's a quick how to...

1. Find an old chair that has a removable seat. Garage sales, flea markets, auctions and "The Good-Will" are fun places to hunt.

2. Next take out the seat. Turn the chair over to see how the seat is attached. Mine required a screwdriver to loosen a screw in each corner.

3.Paint your chair a bright color; red or royal blue will accent earthy plants or blooming perennials. But really any color will be great. After your chair is dry a spray sealant helps to protect it in the elements.

4.You are now ready to insert a pot. Find a pot that will fit the opening. The gradual widening pot will hold itself if it can sit almost halfway through the opening.
The chair acts a vintage backdrop adding sculptural lines or curves to your plantings! Next to a door, in front of a barn or combined with other planters in a garden berm would be lovely! Colors can be easily changed for special events.



  1. The old tub is such a cute idea. Almost anything can be filled with dirt and planted in these days!

  2. Yes, Indeed, just about anything can be transformed into a place to plant and grow your favorite plants and herbs!


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