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and Welcome brave Moms and Dads to a place of inspiration! Thanks so much for stopping by amidst the demands and prospects of your day. Single parenting is like learning a new vocation while juggling many others. Becoming fluent to the lexicon while navigating its pitfalls and priorities takes time and there is no one to teach it, no classroom to go to! Alas, this Blog is the fruit of many years as a single parent hoping to help. Like every other parent, at times, you never know what may be thrown at you without notice but unlike every other parent there is only you. Your shoulders are broader and your muster is without question as you settle in for a marathon--not a quick relay race. You negate the scrutiny, ignore your own vulnerabilities and forge on each day because there are precious little people that rely on you to do so.

Single parent culture squeezes its way through a dim back ally of public indifference or biasedness. What's a single parent to do? Ha! Keep squeezing your way through and know that you will get there! Remember we don't live in a perfect world and your resourcefulness in dealing with it carves the amazing example of strength and perseverance for your children. Believe me they notice. Our struggles do need strong voices and communities that are more confirming and uplifting. Housing, hiring, schools, medical, dental and college personnel need to be sensitized to parents who are handling more than the average person.

Being rude to a single parent is akin to tripping the disabled or hitting someone who is already down. If we value parents and children then we must promote policy that better aligns with single parent culture and offspring. Isn't it amazing though, that with such vast numbers, about 14 million parents raising more than 32 million children in the U.S and more worldwide, that we are still an invisible demographic? So lets get out of the shadows and spill our thoughts, gather inspiration and know that you are not alone! Your voice is valued here (I hear ya!)and when we work together we can create sustainable change and happier lives all around. 

Please stay strong, safe and well,
XOXOX Penman


  1. I love this. We need to have places to go for emotional support and affordable daycare.

  2. Thank you so much. You are absolutely right, there is inspiration around the web but few real community resources. I have witnessed a gap in affordable childcare, legal help and counselling. There are a few angels who will negotiate payment plans but they are rare. A community center that offers these services under one roof would be a value beyond comparison!

  3. I hope more communities will rally around single parents. Just some moral support can go a long way!

  4. Oh yes and thank you for sharing this. It is amazing what morale and positive strokes do for a person. This spreads seeds of motivation, optimism and a can- do spirit in the midst of obstacles.

  5. J.J. It is great to see that bloggers are making some waves to change the world of parenting. I am a single mother and i find the biggest hurdle is lack of time. How can single parents help their children completely if they only have a half hour before bed?

    1. Oh my gosh, you are so right. Many of us work so hard to hit all the targets of the day that little time is left to attend to the real priorities, your precious child beings. One parent I know sets time aside twice a week for later bedtimes so he can spend time with his children before the whole slew of the day starts all over again tomorrow. Another parent takes her daughter for a long walk on the weekends to thoroughly catch up from the week gone by and have intimate mother daughter conversations and calm quality time. I personally have found you can have quality time after a doctor apt or have amazing conversations in the car coming home. Even if you can't hold your child's hand while driving, certain words are still a powerful tool that can enrich growth, incite ideas, relieve doubts and bind love. Though time is rarely on the side of the single parent unique opportunities can be dug out. When women used to stay at home as homemakers, wow, this really was an opportune time to do so much good work with children. I am with you on the fact that I wish we had a better balance of the work/parenting life today. Thanks for your thoughts on this.


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