Friday, July 1, 2016


An Encrusted Mirror Showcases a 1,000 Stories to Reflect Upon

This DIY takes broken or vintage jewelry and makes a mirror with a story and then some!

Twenty years ago the antique malls were a regular attraction for me as I would drive down Interstate 5  in search of beautiful vintage jewelry and depression glassware. The enchantment of history and old beautiful styles would set my mind afloat.  The old delicately scrolled marcasite wedding rings inspired wanderlust and romantic visions about who had wore them. Did they need for a new legacy.  I  would imagine my future prince presenting such a gorgeous bauble to me one day. The shop keeper was also obliging of my fanciful youth  and  would  open the drawer so I could gaze upon them in a dream like trance! (sigh :)  "Go ahead, try one on," she'd whisper. I did not procure the coveted rings  but managed to become a legacy to some of the other more affordable pieces.  If you have any old earrings that are missing their mate or  some sentimental pieces that you want to highlight every day - then this hack is for you! 

1. Take any shaped frame that has room for the jewelry to be placed. A mirror looks pretty as it accentuates the gems but any framed photograph or art can work also. You can even hire someone to cut your own frame to fit a mirror which is not too difficult as long as you keep exact measurements.  Paint the frame gold with a sample jar of gold paint available at for under $3.00.

2. Determine where the top and bottom will be and start placing your jewelry over the frame. It does take a good deal of jewelry so if you don't have enough you can buy a few pieces to fill in at  Craft Store or teen stores. We used a combination of vintage and new, some were from teen jewelry stores and the interior necklace is a children's piece.  

3. When you are happy with your collage begin gluing each piece on until the frame is filled. There are several types of glue you can use, E600, a crafter's glue from, GS Cement,, Alderite which you have to mix and regular superglue.... but try not to get this type on the crystals or they won't sparkle! You can add a standout bauble at the top like this one  "Love," if you wish or just encrust the whole frame randomly!
4. The final effect will be "one of a kind" and will show-case a thousand stories of all those who  wore these precious pieces!  It will create a fun buzz in an entry way, bathroom or over a vanity.

                                    Such an easy way to keep your history alive....VOILA!

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