Friday, July 22, 2016


Hamburgers on the grill are a summertime fave! But why not introduce a new summertime experience.....a delicious meatless option that bestows healthy nutrients and still sops up great flavor.

1. MORNING STAR BLACK BEAN CHIPOTLE BURGERS: They offer a big 1/4 pound burger with a smoky southwest flavor. It cooks up on a skillet, a grill or in the microwave oven in a jiff!  Dr. Fuhrman claims that black bean burgers on the grill is the healthiest option because it doesn't drip fat into to flame which fuels carcinogenic chemicals.

The Fixings: We tested with a little coconut oil to a skillet and turned it once.  This allows the outside of the burger to sear and give it a better texture. We found that BBQ sauce enhances and sweetens the smoky chipotle plus a dollop of guacamole and cilantro take it over the top. But you can add , onions, tomato and lettuce to layer it to your liking!

2. DON LEE FARM SUPERFOOD VEGGIE BURGER: We tested again with coconut oil for a nice sear. This burger reminds me of a well-endowed latke. It has a mild flavor with small amounts of carrot within.

The Fixings: A nice lady in the store said she added a dollop of blue cheese and a red onion to hers but I did not have that so I added ranch dip and a slice of tomato. I could eat it like this without the bun it was so good!

I hope you try one of these taste bud adventures on your grill!


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