Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lipstick Logic for Fall

              Lipstick Logic For Fall...

Lipstick is usually the first cosmetic a young girl picks up. Adolescent memories of my own were linked to endless afternoons trying all the tinted gloss flavors at Fred Meyers with my cousins. We had no idea how insanely unhygienic this was! My mother and grandmother were devoted connoisseurs of "the lipstick drawer!" Their daily attire would be naked without that final sweep of lip color.  Today, lipstick has taken on a more neutral role but it is still a magnanimous addition to any beauty routine especially with options for a homemade lipstick devoid of chemicals at the bottom of the post...
1. Lipsticks or lip balms give essential emollients and protection to chapped, dry or cracked lips in the cooler months.
2. Some women may feel that lipstick over-sexualizes women and this depends on how it is used. A kinder mindset sees lipstick as simply bringing nature's own theory to us. That pop of color we love in flowers growing on a neutral vine has the same affect as lipstick on a face! 
3. Yes, it is true that lipstick makes the teeth look whiter!

4. No matter the color, lipstick or lip tint gives the face definition and a finishing touch.
 5. Lipstick also heightens your facial expressions whether sad, happy or surprised!

6. Lipstick, depending on what color you choose works to complement hair color.
7. Lipstick or lip gloss de-ages us...
8. Queen Elizabeth sure agrees and uses lipstick at 90 almost religiously.
9. Tired? There is no faster way to awaken and freshen your face then with a light dab of color.
10. Under the weather? No will notice as lip tint adds a look of freshness and vitality!
11. Whether you use a neutral hue or a vibrant one, lipstick is the fastest way to add sophistication to your day.

12. No matter what you say lipstick emphasizes your speech, your words, and makes you appear more confident.

Here is an easy homemade recipe for lipstick so you don't have to worry about some of the harsh commercial chemistry found in store bought lipsticks:

1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon beeswax pastilles
1 teaspoon shea butter

Melt in a glass double boiler over very low heat almost like melting chocolate.  Then have fun with adding different natural colors like a 1/4  t. turmeric or 1/8 t. red beat powder or even coco powder for different hues. Pour into a cup until it sets.

* You don't have to add any color if you just want a clear smooth natural lip cover.
This recipe was provided by Wellness Mama. Check out her free recipes for cosmetics.

If you have any lip stick or lip balm ideas we would love hear about them. Forge on sisters!

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