Monday, January 2, 2017

Parental Inspiration 2017


With so much emphasis on the challenges of single parenthood let's turn the tables for  a fresh reminder of all the benefits that are frequently overlooked or devalued.

1. A LIFETIME BOND: The one-on-one time with your children is more emphasized and has a greater impact. As single parents fill the void of the missing parent they focus more on each other as a family and build stronger bonds with their children that last a lifetime.

2. DEEPER FRIENDSHIPS: Relationships with certain friends, family and the single parent community can be more meaningful and authentic as they are not based on status but more on joint experiences. 

3. YOUR CHILDREN LEARN EMOTIONAL AGILITY: Your children learn emotional agility and creative resolutions at a younger age. Because single parent households are balancing more... children's ideas and assistance are inclusive and valued. They build authentic confidence through these efforts when the parent is steady, loving and reassuring. Not to mention, successes that are harder won resonate on a deeper level.   

4. YOU ALL LEARN THE VALUE OF MONEY: As children grow in single parent households they have first hand experience in seeing how money helps and or hinders life. This is a perfect lead-in to teaching good money management as it pertains to all the goods and services of life.

5. LIFE SKILLS: A single parent gets used to making thoughtful decisions and weighing out every option. This fuels an innate sense of balance and an obligation to others.

6. SERENITY: A more peaceful household can occur without two-parent arguments.

7. YOU CAN BE YOURSELF: With just you and your children sharing your home you can be extra silly, goofy and be completely yourself. Your children will love you for it.

8. THE VALUE OF COMING FIRST: In a traditional family mom and dad must give each other a certain amount of attention but in single parent families the children are the priority.

9. YOU MAY REALIZE YOUR DREAMS: Without having to attend to a partners wants and needs and your children's needs all at the same time you can clarify your own core, find your passions and begin to build upon a new foundation.

Let us never forget the privilege of being a parent, hard as it may at times be. Be well, brave on and remember you are nothing short of amazing!

If you have found some special benefits to being a single parent we would love to hear more in the comments! Thank you,



  1. Nice and informative post. I relate well to the child coming first. I was the daughter to a single parent and she made me feel treasured all the time. I am a single parent and my own girl is the light of my life. She is smarter and nicer than most because she and I are like two peas in a pod.

  2. Thanks so much for your insightful comment here. Once single parents adjust to the importance of their role they can take it to soaring heights. The bond between a child and a single parent is a precious one as it can be an extremely eventful time going through life together solving troubles and enjoying fun moments. The prioritizing the child relationship fuels an authentic sense of importance in that young mind which translates well to many other parts of life. I mean who doesn't love being numero uno?!

    1. Wow, someone else actually realizes that it may be more beneficial to prioritize the child over the spouse. I mean, who is the most vulnerable and the most helpless, certainly not the spouse. But slap my mouth for saying this, most couples need to believe they are number one and the child comes second. That belief just fertilizes why marriages are so needy and why kids end up depressed.

  3. I so appreciate your point of view here! There are sound reasons for both parents to prioritize the child/children as they set up their family road map, but some may argue that this priority interferes with the couples need to come first. So it all comes down to what works in your household. Ideally, if you have children you both should make it a mission to prioritize their needs and be a support to each other as parenting is a tough road but a precious one. There is only a short window to raise the developing brain into a person of agency. There are no short cuts...but after the vulnerable/impressionable years parents will have so many opportunities to re-adjust their relationship focus back on themselves through the empty nest stage.

  4. Also, I am a grandmother who lost my husband recently and I am helping to raise my grandchild. I want to mention to that empty nest is a real thing and most of my parenting years my husband and I dreamt about the day they would be all grown until that day came. I never recovered. Please all you parents out there, relish the time that you have with your child, don't prioritize your spouse or your children just do a great job and hopefully both will be happy. ^Sara Golen

    1. Sara Golen, I could not agree more. We all must do the best we can and balance the needs of each family member. Sometimes one member may be having a hard time and need more attention so to say that the parents must prioritize each other first is really silly!


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